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Applications of LETIAN PPS resin
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Electron and electric appliance 金沙澳门官方4166
LETIAN PPS is a kind of eminent insulation material even in high temperature and salt atmosphere condition. It is broadly applied to prepare coil framework, connecter, plug base, motor cover, electromagnetism setting dial, TV high frequency head axes, relay, capacitor, fuse clip, recorder, radio, semiconductor and IC part capsulation.
Precise instrument
PPS with low injection molding shrinkage and high glossiness, insulativity and wear-resistance are extensive used to produce computer, timing counter, revolution counter, copier, camera, temperature sensor and shell and parts of measuring instrument.
With good heat and corrosion resisting properties, LETIAN plastics are applied to prepare pump case, pump wheel, valve, gear, pulley, fan, ring flange, universal valve, counter, balance level, inside pipe, pipe fittings, pore plate, wash tower, smoke treatment device parts.
Flame lighter, heater, evapourator, clutch, gearbox, bearing support, fender-guard, fan, chimney, reflector, exhaust regulator, and air exhaust treatment device parts.
Household appliances
Parts of Hot blast tube, twisted hair implement, hair dryer, marcel device, microwave oven, coffee device, clothes dryer, electric iron and electric cooker.
Power industry6038金沙爆分
High voltage transmission insulator and transformer of power equipment prepared by LETIAN plastic can reduce about 20% load of iron tower and have the convenience of maintaining and replacement
LETIAN plastic have been used as turbo coating of air bus, baggage carrier, seat frame engine room fencing of Boeing aircraft. It is flame retant and greatly reduces the takeoff weight of flying machine.
Environmental protection
Slave, pipeline, pipe fitting and treatment machine and device parts of corrosive water and gas; filter cloth and bag.
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